The Burnisher aka the Pine Brush Group Picture ~ natural tampico wax polishing brush
The "Burnisher"
Lustersheen Brushes
The Burnisher ~ antique wax polishing brush
Burnisher - wax buffing and burnisher brush
As I have said about the "Pine Brush", there is no better tool for working with wax than this brush. If you are trying to achieve a high hard luster, this is the tool to use. Not only is it a real time and labor saver, it also brings the wax to a higher and harder luster than can usually be achieved by hand.

The brush bristles poke deep into recesses of carvings and moldings, and also deep into the pores of an open surface, which results in more of the wax being burnished and brought to a luster.

If you are trying to achieve a high hard lustrous wax finish, the key is applying a super thin film, let the solvent evaporate off and then utilize this brush, on a drill to buff it up. Let the power of your drill provide the elbow grease.

The Lustersheen "Burnisher" improves on the Pine Brush with a bit longer and denser bristle. The "Burnisher" is also with an improved set of the chuck to the brush base.

You will find the "Burnisher" excels at buffing and burnishing any wax polish, such as Lustra.

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aka the Pine Brush